Security Surveillance

Security Surveillance

Whether you require a simple CCTV system or comprehensive integrated system, Eternal is your resource for end-to-end security system solutions. We provide turnkey project installation and service through a single source, eliminating the added hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. Eternal expertise includes access control, video surveillance, integrated physical/logical security and intrusion alarms. Eternal has strong experience with 100 percent IP-based systems that lower cost and improve network flexibility and scalability. 

Intrusion Detection Systems

Eternal offers the best value solution with strategically located detection equipment that maximizes your coverage against a security threat. This also provides deterrent or detection against intrusion. UL-approved systems include a site audible and provide a significant deterrent to intrusions.

Access Control Systems

Access control solutions are customized for your needs whether it is for one location or multiple locations across the country. This is even more critical because access control numbers are on the rise. The new approach is focused on keeping the wrong people out vs. just recording what happened.

Video Surveillance Systems

Eternal offers a full range of IP camera lines and Video Management Systems, local Network Video Recorders and Video Analytics. The benefits of video include:
  • Deterrent
  • Evidence
  • Internal Theft
  • Loss of Time
  • Liability

Eternal provides security solutions for the following applications:

  • Data Centers–Protecting their information
  • Financial Institutions–Protecting their assets
  • Universities and Schools–Protecting our most prized possessions
  • Hospitals–Protecting patients and care givers 
  • Stadiums and Open Spaces–Protecting our favorite pastimes
  • Government Facilities and City-wide Public Safety